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Bear making started as a hobby for me when I finished university in 1997. The bears soon began to take over the house and we decided to try our luck at a local craft fair - it was a huge success. Since then many of my bears have found homes around the world from America to Australia. All of my bears are completely hand sewn from start to finish and are designed by both my husband, Jeff, and myself. 
In 2009 I developed a bead addiction! It started wen I decided to try my hand at making some bracelets for my daughters. Having two daughters I was finding that I was constantly buying cheaply made, massed produced jewellery for them that was hugely over-priced on the high street. From children's jewellery I went on to make beautiful beaded bookmarks and themed wine glass charms, both of which make wonderful gifts.
In 2011 I started making very cute and girly hair accessories (again inspired by my two daughters). They had both seen korker hairbows which are hugely popular in the US but very hard to find over here in the UK so I decided to have a go of making them myself. This lead to school friends requesting hair accessories too and hence another line was added to my growing emporium!